How Air Transport Saves Lives

Jan 15, 2018
Air ambulance helicopters have been saving lives since the mid-90s, originating from transporting injured soldiers from combat areas to medical facilities1. Now, EMS helicopters offer patients access to lifesaving care across the world in places medical assistance is often too far away by ground vehicles.

Every Moment Counts
When patients are in critical condition, every second counts. EMS helicopters like Life Support Helicopters are equipped with medical equipment and staff to provide lifesaving in-air support needed before reaching a full team of medical staff at a hospital.

A fully-equipped EMS interior provides lifesaving care when emergency air medical transport is the only choice for saving a life.  

Quicker Access to Level 1 or 11 Trauma Centers
Receiving care at a hospital that is suited for a high level of trauma is imperative to saving a patient’s life, yet one in four Americans are unable to reach a trauma center within an hour if not flown by helicopter. In fact, severely injured patients who receive appropriate care at a Level 1 trauma center versus a non-trauma center (that is not equipped to effectively treat the patient) have a higher chance of surviving.2

With a decrease in rural hospitals and a lack of close Level I or II trauma centers, EMS helicopters can quickly transport patients to centers at which the patient would otherwise have been unable to arrive in time.  

Provides Pediatric Medical Care
Often, when newborns and pediatric patients are in critical care, swift and comprehensive medical air transport is needed. Critical care transport services such as Flight for Life Colorado (FFLC) offer in-air medical support with equipment and a trained flight crew specifically for pediatric care.

United Rotorcraft completed the paint and medical interior on FFLC’s new aircraft, an Airbus H130 T2, which provides more interior space enabling a better incubator platform and other essential newborn transport equipment. Nurses and respiratory therapists are part of the flight crew to offer the unique care needed for young patients.3

Watch this video to learn how Flight for Life Colorado is ready to meet the needs of children and families.

United Rotorcraft is proud to provide industry leading products for EMS operators across the world. We work with our customers to provide product solutions that have been designed and FAA / EASA certified in nearly every EMS helicopter type in use today to fit their unique needs. Learn more about our mission equipment and capabilities.


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