Tips for Law Enforcement to Choose an Aviation Completion Center

Feb 01, 2018

Airborne law enforcement officers conduct and assist police operations by using aircraft from everyday patrols to search-and-rescue operations. Approximately 350 U.S. law enforcement agencies use airborne assets daily as an extension of their task force. The security missions demand a high-level attention to detail and advanced skill to understand the engineering dynamics of multiple avionics and accessory integrations. Aircraft used by law enforcement agencies must be painted with the appropriate branding, maintained to run smoothly, and equipped with advanced technology. Follow these three tips to choose a facility that will customize, modify, and overhaul your helicopter to handle airborne missions. 

Complete Painting Services
Look for facilities that offer comprehensive painting services. An aircraft should be painted with the highest quality DuPont paint system available that is formulated to withstand the harsh elements and demands of missions. To prevent dust concerns and to provide a clear finish in each stage of the process, a facility should have an advanced ventilation system. 

United Rotorcraft has paint staff with decades of experience and skills who combine art and science in aircraft painting for a customized finish. Our Texas facility features an aircraft painting facility that can hold nearly all sizes of helicopters including a UH-60 Blackhawk.

Avionics Expertise
With avionics manufactures constantly changing and improving, completion centers must be able to identify your unique needs, pair it with technology, and then integrate the system configuration to its maximum proficiency. Choose a facility that has a staff of technicians and engineers who are up-to-date on the latest technology to provide the best solutions for your mission. 

Military Surplus Integration
If your law enforcement agency has access to a military surplus program, choose an aviation completion center that can paint, complete, and integrate new or furnished equipment to equip your helicopter with the appropriate technology and tools for your mission. 

Since 1995, United Rotorcraft has been committed to providing law enforcement, military, civilian, and the public with helicopter completions and maintenance services. We provide full-service aviation solutions and fixes at our four locations across the country to serve your needs.

Contact us today to let us prepare you to protect our communities. 

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