5 Interesting Facts About Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Apr 06, 2018
Unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, are aircraft machines that is operated and controlled without a human pilot aboard. There are different ways in which UAVs can be operated. Some operation techniques include a remote control from a human operator on the ground, through automated pre-programmed flight plans, or even some more complex dynamic automation systems. 

The use of UAVs is becoming more common as numerous industries are beginning to incorporate these aircrafts into their business operations. Military, news stations, law enforcement, and even hospitals are beginning to use UAVs in their business operations. UAVs are customizable to an organization’s needs. You can add night vision, geographical landscape layouts of an area, weapon attachment, video, and even audio. Companies who are responsible for any type of air transportation, communication, or surveillance can benefit from incorporating a UAV into their strategy.

UAV vs. Drone

Though similar to drones, UAVs are different. Typically, drones are used in more personal matters instead of business operations, though they are still under specific regulations. Drones are smaller and lighter in weight compared to an average UAV which are bigger and more durable than drones, making them perfect for transporting packages and heavy items by air. 

Help in Crisis Situations

Have you ever wondered how first responders are able to get people in need that are inaccessible? UAVs have been used in many of these cases to help first responders locate and even communicate to those in need. Using the camera and microphone installed in many UAVs, first responders can see and talk to people that are within difficult to reach areas. 

Next Era in Delivery

More and more businesses are using UAVs to transport and deliver packages to customers. UAVs have been used to deliver items such as medicine, food, and packaged items. 

Military Presence

 Interesting enough, UAVs were first used by the military to examine areas of war from the air. A military UAV is widely used for a broad range of operations. The aircrafts are used as surveillance tools, weapons, or delivery devices to transport important supplies to those on the ground in high risk areas of war. 

Bird’s-Eye View

UAVs, sometimes referred to as a quadcopter, can be beneficial in viewing important events from above. Many law enforcement agencies and news reporters use UAVs. Law enforcement uses them in high-pursuit chases to track down criminals that are located in dense woods or even buildings. The aerial video footage can later be used as evidence to convict criminals.

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