8 Celebrities Who Have Their Pilot License ​

May 15, 2018

What feels better than traveling first class or in your own private jet? Ah, the good life…piloting an aircraft. People associate private flying and licensing with wealthy individuals, but daily needs for private air crafts are also relevant for news personnel, hospital operators, the military, and law enforcement agencies. Even college students are getting in on the action and grabbing their private pilot licenses while studying and paying for college. While a private pilot license is not only for famous celebrity pilots, obtaining one is a task for the determined.

These eight celebrities inspire a life of piloting and make flying look like a dream. They obtained their private pilot licenses exactly how people outside of the limelight earn their own license. These famous celebrity pilots are proud owners of top-notch aircrafts by completing mandatory groundwork laid down by the FAA including passing a physical and written exam. It takes a minimum of 40 hours of flight time broken down into 20 hours of aeronautical lessons and 10 hours of alone flight time. This includes night landings and control tower landings at airports.

The celebrity helicopter pilots listed required some more aeronautical training as requirements for helicopters are a bit more intense. Many pilots need more than the required 40 hours before they are ready for the test.

John Travolta

Jet Clipper Johnny is an ex-Qantas Boeing 707-138B fortunately flown by John Travolta, a famous celebrity actor and private pilot. Travolta owns five aircrafts. He takes piloting so seriously that attached to his Florida mansion are not one, but two built-in runaways with a private control tower. The actor pilot claims flying as his second profession.

Richard Hammond

Hammond is the first celebrity TV presenter turned helicopter pilot and a pretty decent one too! He is privileged to travel in his own ride to work just like most of us, except his ride is a Robinson R44 helicopter.

Angelina Jolie

The story behind Angelina Jolie’s private pilot license is adorable. It was simply because her son Maddox asked her. The actress pilots a Citrus SR-22, a mega speed aircraft—one of the fastest single engine plane known to man. Angelina obtained an instrument rating private pilot license in 2004.

Morgan Freeman

A nerve injury prevents him from flying anymore, but Freeman earned the right to call himself a certified private plane pilot in 2009. At an older age, he has impressively purchased and piloted three planes including a 7.5 million Emivest SJ30 six-seater aircraft. It is considered to be the world’s fastest light jet.

Jimmy Buffet

Buffet might be the only celebrity private license pilot with a departure procedure named after him. The singer has flown James Bond style in an Albatross to previous concerts and owns a Grumman Goose and Cessna Caravan.

Dr. Phil McGraw

Dr. Phil’s brain power hasn’t only earned him an expertise badge in the field of psychology. He is one of a few celebrity pilots with an instrumental private pilot license at a higher IRF rating. He currently owns a Gulfstream N4DP.

Gisele Bundchen

The supermodel took her aeronautical training while pregnant. How is that for inspiration? Gisele proves that a private pilot license is feasible whether it is to support advocating for alternate fuel or you simply just aspire to learn more about aviation.

Phil Mickelson

Thought riding a R44 to work is cool? Phil Mickelson’s pilots his 40 million-dollar Gulfstream V airplane to his golf tournaments. It flies up to 51,000 feet at Mach 0.885, designed to fly intercontinental in one flight.

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