5 Top Helicopter Tours For Your Next Vacation

Jun 18, 2018

Sightseeing by helicopter can be one of the very best ways to see some of the nation’s famous and interesting landmarks, whether they are natural resources or developed by man. Rising above it all often provides a perspective that is simply not obtainable at ground level and provides a sensory experience that stays with you for a lifetime. Here are five of the most awe-inspiring helicopter tours consider for your next vacation itinerary.

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

There are a number of providers who offer fantastic helicopter tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, and since it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, it should literally be on everyone's checklist for spectacular sites to see. Stretching 277 miles, and having an average depth of one mile, the Grand Canyon is a site which almost defies description.

You almost have to be in the air to appreciate the size and sheer beauty of this natural wonder, which was carved out of the rock by the Colorado River over eons of geographic activity. While you're airborne, you may have the opportunity to fly over Hoover Dam to see one of the great man-made feats of engineering, as well as to check out the famous Bowl of Fire, a formation of brilliant red rocks which can only be seen by helicopter. For your tour guide, check out Sundance Helicopters.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Another of the world's great natural wonders are the breath-taking Niagara Falls, which were carved out through glacial action over time. The Niagara River and the Falls which punctuate the river at its most rapid section, actually connects two of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. There is no better view of Niagara Falls to be seen than via a helicopter tour. You’ll survey the majesty of a relatively young river plunging hundreds of feet over a cliff and creating spray for miles.

Helicopter Tour of NYC

Seeing New York City from above and witnessing the maze of skyscrapers and crowded avenues is one of those experiences which will amaze you with the profound achievements man has accomplished in the world. Helicopter tours of New York City often include a trip over the Statue of Liberty, as well as Ellis Island, and some parts of Manhattan. The Brooklyn Bridge is another tremendously impressive structure, as is the towering Empire State building, and there are scores of other engineering feats that will leave you in awe.

Helicopter Hawaii

For those who have never been to the Hawaiian Islands, seeing them from the air is be a fantastic treat. These islands were literally built by nature through volcanic activity in the Pacific Ocean, and after centuries of exposure to the tropical environment, a lush paradise has grown up, which has become one of the most popular destinations of travelers from all over the world. The active volcanoes which formed the islands can still be seen on a helicopter tour, as well as the beautiful blue lagoons surrounding the islands. We recommend Blue Hawaiian Helicopters for your tour guide!

Chicago Helicopter Tour

Apart from the fact that Chicago is one of the largest and most picturesque cities in the entire country, there's also a lot to be seen during an aerial tour of the Metro area. Sports fans will appreciate seeing the stadiums where the MLB Chicago Cubs and the NFL Chicago Bears play. The John Hancock Building is an awe-inspiring sight towering above the rest of the city, and the shoreline of Lake Michigan to the east provides a beautiful counterpoint to the man-made developments nearby.

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