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United Rotorcraft is dedicated to being a leading provider of aircraft and land vehicle equipment and systems to meet our customer’s unique mission requirements. We design, integrate and install medical equipment, avionics, and vehicle accessories for Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Medevac, Firefighting, Airborne Law Enforcement (ALE) and Search and Rescue (SAR) operators. Our unique ability to provide complete vertical integration solutions that include design, manufacturing, engineering, installation, and certification is unmatched in the industry.
We are fortunate to have access to an internal fleet of over 400 aircraft that provides the ideal platform to innovate and produce state of the art advances for just about any aero-medical vehicle product need. Our number one priority is always to provide customer satisfaction, service and support, on time and on budget.
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With decades of experience, our factory trained technicians and skilled engineers, have the expertise to accommodate all your MRO and installation needs. From providing a PMA part to performing the most highly advanced and complex vehicle modifications, United Rotorcraft delivers superior products and system integrations. We deliver certified, high quality vehicle interiors in durable utility to luxurious executive configurations.
Our finishes, from interior paneling to exterior Blackhawk sized paint jobs, with even the most intricate patterns and detail, are highly durable with exceptional quality. The United Rotorcraft technicians and staff are talented, dedicated, and take pride in providing your specific paint colors and schemes in the highest quality materials and workmanship available.

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United Rotorcraft holds PMA for thousands of parts and over 200 STCs for kit installations on rotor and fixed wing aircraft. Both of our Englewood, CO and Decatur, TX facilities are approved FAA Repair Stations, we have an FAA Organization Designation Authorization (ODA), and we are AS9100 certified. We have a dedicated Customer Support staff that will go the extra mile to support all of your product life cycle requirements.

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