Airborne Law Enforcement,
Search & Rescue


United Rotorcraft is committed to completing your helicopter with the equipment required to meet your mission. We have experience with all levels of integration and completions many Airborne Law Enforcement Agencies require. These missions require the utmost attention to detail and a high level of aptitude to understand the engineering dynamics of multiple avionics and accessory integrations used to help our law enforcement agency protect our communities.

Customized for Each Department


    Avionics manufacturers are constantly changing and
    improving technology and capability. We identify the
    customer’s mission needs, match it to the available
    technology, and integrate every system configuration to
    its fullest capability. Our staff of technicians and
    engineers research the latest technology and attend
    training to ensure we are always current and have the
    best solutions to meet every mission profile requirement.

    Military Surplus

    Many agencies have taken advantage of the military
    surplus program. If your agency is one of them, we can
    paint, complete, and integrate any new or customer
    furnished equipment you have, essentially making your
    helicopter like new.

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