Military Air MEDEVAC

Over the last 20 years, United Rotorcraft has been the exclusive supplier of HH-60 Medevac interiors to the US Army. The highly versatile Blackhawk interior provides advanced life support for up to six (6) critically injured patients, stowable cabin seating for troop or ambulatory transport, and cargo transport mission configurations.

Our Multi-Patient Stacking Systems (MPSS) retrofits legacy and surplus UH-60 helicopters. It supports up to four (4) patients or may be re-configured for up to four (4) ambulatory seats. The MPSS is highly durable, meeting or exceeding all military specifications, and may be reconfigured in less than two minutes between missions.


The HH-60L Black Hawk is equipped with an interior system that is capable of being re-configured in less than two minutes, without any tools, to support multiple mission requirements including:

  • Battlefield MEDEVAC. Advanced life support medical care for up to six (6) patients.
  • Forward Surgical Team transport
  • Joint operations – Hospital ship
  • Cargo Transport (220 cu ft)
  • MAST mission (Military Assistance to Safety and Traffic)
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) • Disaster Relief


Patient Litter Lift System • Crashworthy Ambulatory Patient/ Troop Seats • Oxygen Generation System • Medical Suction System • Medical Electrical (115 VAC/60 Hz) • IV Provisions • High Intensity/Dual Mode Lighting • Medical Equipment Storage • Patient Monitoring Systems

No equipment is removed from the aircraft for any configuration which ensures that the aircraft is capable of meeting any mission requirement at any time.

Medical Crew Seating

The Bell 407 medical interior has four medical seats and each is equipped with a three-point harness. 


Air Methods’ modular patient handling system supports rapid reconfiguring or removal for various missions. U.S. Army Airworthiness Release in December 2010,


Four Litter Patients or Four Ambulatory Patients or Two Ambulatory and Two Litter • Compatible with STANAG 2040 • Low Weight

Medical Systems

• 4 Medical Oxygen Cylinder Mounts • 115VAC/60Hz Power for chargers and medical equipment

Ambulatory Patient Seating

•Quick detachable • Folding seat pans • Energy attenuating

UH60 Multi-Patient Stacking System 

The United Rotorcraft Multi-Patient Stacking System is capable of transporting up to four patients utilizing a variety of litters and provides an integrated seating system for ambulatory transports. The stacking litter systems on each side of the aircraft may be installed independently or together, further maximizing mission flexibility.

Designed to accompany the aircraft at all times, as the mission changes the interior can be reconfigured without the need for tools, downtime, or maintenance personnel. Each system supports two litters with the platform base also functioning as either a litter platform or as a restraint for cargo and medical equipment.