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EMS Interiors

United Rotorcraft manufactures a broad range of industry leading products that serve the needs of EMS operators worldwide. Our product solutions have been designed and FAA / EASA certified in most every EMS helicopter or fixed wing aircraft in use today. Our customers can select from an extensive list of existing products or we can develop something new to suit their specific needs. Our list of standard medical equipment includes: Patient Loading Systems, Patient Litters, Monitor Mounts, Machined Floor Overlays, Equipment Racks, IV Hangars, Crew Seating, Cabin Lighting and much more.

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If you are looking for help with HTAWS, ADS‐B, XM Weather, Traffic (TAS, TCAS) or Flight Data Management (FDM) solutions, United Rotorcraft has an FAA STC’d answer for you. We have installed these systems on hundreds of Part 27 and Part 29 aircraft in use worldwide. Individual avionics components have been installed under Field Approval or our own ODA MRA, as well as by highly integrated FAA STC approved IFR or VFR avionics suites. Our expertise includes installation of Tactical Radios, ICS, Multi‐Function Displays, Radar / Altimeters, GPS Satellite Tracking, Audio / Visual, and Moving Map Monitors to name just a few.


Airframe Accessories

United Rotorcraft has over 30 years of experience installing airframe accessories on the Air Methods fleet of over 400 rotor and fixed wing aircraft and hundreds of other commercial and military vehicles. We have over 200 STCs and have performed many FAA Field Approvals to install Searchlights (Single & Dual), Anti‐Collision Lights, NVG / NVIS modifications, Air Conditioners, Cargo Hooks, Fire Fighting Buckets & Tanks, FLIR, Cameras, Data Downlink and a host of other equipment.

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