United Rotorcraft is proud to announce the delivery of 2 HH-60L FIREHAWKS to Ventura County Fire Department and Ventura County Sheriff’s Office!

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ENGLEWOOD, Colorado – May 25, 2021 – United Rotorcraft, a division of Air Methods Corporation
announced today the delivery of two HH-60L FIREHAWK® helicopters to Ventura County Air Unit.
Configured by United Rotorcraft with a 1,000-gallon water tank attached to the belly of the aircraft; an
extended landing gear to accommodate the tank; a retractable snorkel than can refill the tank in less
than one minute; a fully glass cockpit; a custom avionics package; and a rescue hoist, these HH-60L
FIREHAWK® helicopters will allow fire crews to attack wildfires, transport up to 10 fully equipped ground
firefighters to the fire line, and rescue firefighters and civilians when in need.

Ventura County Air Unit has been in operation since 1971 and currently operates four different Bell UH-
1 Hueys; one each of the HH-1H, UH-1H, Bell 205B, Bell 212, and one Bell 206 Long Ranger, in addition

to their two new HH-60L FIREHAWK® helicopters. The County has continued to perfect the tactics
needed to suffocate wildfires in their early stage when a fire is most vulnerable, while simultaneously
working in close coordination with firefighting crews on the ground. Ventura County’s HH-60L
FIREHAWK® aircraft are more powerful and faster than all of their current aircraft, allowing them to
carry approximately three times the amount of water, while traveling at speeds of up to 130 knots. This
means the crews arrive on scene sooner, with significantly more firefighting power, preventing
destruction better than ever before.
“With wildfire season continuing to grow in duration and intensity across Western States, the
FIREHAWK® helicopter has never been more relevant than it is today,” said Larry Alexandre, president of
United Rotorcraft. “This aircraft brings unmatched multi-mission capability to Ventura County’s fire
fighters in their effort to protect lives and property.”
United Rotorcraft has completely revolutionized the HH-60L aircraft by converting the twin-engine
aircraft to its aerial firefighting configuration. The aircraft retains its multi-mission capability, allowing
aircrew to perform search and rescue missions, medical evacuation, and carry cargo either internally or
as an external load. United Rotorcraft integrated and installed newly upgraded tactical, communication,
and navigation systems to specifications based on input from Ventura County Air Unit.
Along with its signature firefighting tank, United Rotorcraft has also installed a 600 lb. external rescue
hoist, a 9,000 lb. cargo hook with a load cell system, forward recognition lights, and a high intensity
searchlight onto each aircraft. The HH-60L’s outdated analogue gauge cockpit was replaced by a fully
integrated, glass avionics suite to reduce pilot workload and increase mission effectiveness while
operating in high-stakes environments. These new systems also give the crews the capability to track
exactly when, where, and how much water was taken onboard, so they can replace the water after the
mission is complete.
“We thank Ventura County Air Unit for their trust in United Rotorcraft to bring a life-saving, firefighting
helicopter to the urban centers and forests of California,” said Brit McDermett, vice president of sales &
marketing at United Rotorcraft. “Their firefighters now have a powerful and proven helicopter that can


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attack fires at night, maneuver with agility and safety in canyons and terrain in every imaginable
condition, while dropping water with tremendous precision and force.”
Ventura County Fire Department Division Chief, Gary Monday, concluded, “The addition of our newly
modified HH-60L helicopters into the Firehawk community will provide an excellent service to the
citizens of Ventura County. The modifications that United Rotorcraft performed were done
professionally, and with excellent craftsmanship. The high landing gear that enables a 1000-gallon fixed
tank is invaluable to our wildfire fighting mission. The instrument panel is state of the art, with dual
Garmin 750’s and Garmin EFI. The newly incorporated radios are complemented by Technisonic TDFM
9600 all band radio. The aircraft’s capabilities also include a moving map and FLIR. The TrakkaBeam
searchlight is externally mounted under the nose of the aircraft and will be of great value to us. To allow
us Search and Rescue capabilities, there is a BF Goodrich rescue hoist that has the capability to provide
rescue up to 300 feet below the aircraft. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work performed
by the United Rotorcraft team.”

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