United Rotorcraft to Complete Additional La County Firehawks®

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DENVER, CO, October 10, 2018 – United Rotorcraft announced today that they have received a contract from Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Air Operations (LACoFD Air Ops) to complete their fourth FIREHAWK® helicopter. The contract is for the conversion of a new Sikorsky S‐70i helicopter into a multi‐mission firefighting aircraft. United Rotorcraft’s Decatur, TX team have already painted two new S‐70i helicopters this past spring in the traditional black, white, and yellow paint scheme of LACoFD Air Ops.

LACoFD’s newest FIREHAWK® will receive modifications to add multi‐mission capabilities and enable single pilot operations. The Aerial Firefighting Mission Package will include extended landing gear, a 1,000 gallon firefighting tank, and a retractable snorkel system. The EMS Mission Package will include two floor mounted patient litters, mounts to secure medical equipment, and an integrated medical services module that provides onboard oxygen, suction, electrical outlets, lighting, and two medical panels for distribution of services.

The avionics modification to the aircraft includes an audio system upgrade and expansion, tactical radios, and a wireless audio system. TCAS, flight following, and a public address and siren system will be added. Multiple external lighting systems will be integrated as well as an external hoist for search and rescue operations.

“Teaming up with LACoFD Air Ops back in the early 2000s to complete their first three FIREHAWKS® has been one of United Rotorcraft’s greatest projects. That those aircraft are still flying is a testament to the FIREHAWKS® reliability, durability, and effectiveness. To be able to add new aircraft to their fleet is a privilege.” says Mike Slattery, President of United Rotorcraft.

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